Software Development & Support

.NET 2.0, .NET 3.0COBOL, PL/I, RPGOracle, DB/2, MySQL, etc
Java 1.1 thru J2SE 5.0'C', C++, C#CICS, IMS, DL/I
Power BuilderJava.NET, Qt, Cordova
FoxProJavascriptMongo, Couch, LMDB
Cold FusionHLASMNginx, Tomcat
Pascal, DelphiVB, VBAMQ, MQTT, Active MQ
SmalltalkPHP, ASP, JSPRedis, Ignite
Business BASICSASOpen Source libraries

Bespoke software development, legacy system maintenance,
key-person risk mitigation, bait-and-gouge mitigation,
legacy staff augmentation, bubble resource,
prototypes, emergency hotfixes

Network Services

  • Dynamic DNS
  • Secure SMTP smarthost and relay
  • SMTP concentrator and IMAP mailbox
  • Bespoke DCOM, WCF, CORBA, RPC interfaces
  • Bespoke TCP, UDP, Socks, WebSocket interfaces
  • Bespoke MQTT, XMPP, AQMP, ActiveMQ messaging
  • SNA, LU6.2, NCF, VTAM programming
  • Bespoke application gateways
  • Bespoke protocol converters

About Resource Exchange

It is amazing at how quickly and cheaply an IT job can be done when a programmer doesn't need to worry about their career or when the main focus is not generating follow-up sales.

We are a family of seasoned developers, plus an informal network of former colleagues and associates. We have a wealth of experience, nothing to prove and no axes to grind. We just like to fix broken systems and build simple, reliable, efficient software.

Most of us are not in the first flush of youth. We therefore try to avoid long projects and typically do not charge before successful project completion. Otherwise, we are at your command.

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T: 07443 859691

Sorry, we are too busy to take on more work at present.